Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Comedy of Errors 1

Okay, mi amici...this is going to take a while so sit back and relax. In fact, let's call this installment one 'cause it's going to take me a while to get caught up...

All four flights (it's halfway around the world, you know) were smooth and uneventful (on the way from NYC to Rome I got to listen to the life story of a very nice woman from Long-gisland who went to high school with Rosie O'Donnell) so much so that I actually slept on each of them and arrived in gray, drizzly Venice not much worse for the wear on Thursday afternoon, about 2:00 local time.

And bag! I was surprisingly calm, had every piece of information they needed and figured the good news was I wouldn't have to lug the thing from the airport - by boat and then over cobbled streets and bridges - into Venice.

Marcia was waiting (our cell phones worked perfectly) - she had arrived earlier via Lufthansa - those Germans never lose a bag - and we decided to spring for a water taxi - the most expensive way to get from the airport into the city. Ha!!! Not even a one-inch stack of Euros will get you a water taxi when the press is in town for Biennale previews. So, on to the Alilaguna - the transport that runs from the airport into town. It's now about 3:00 p.m. What we didn't figure out, however, was that Alilaguna means "all around the lagoon" (DUH!) and so about an hour and a half later (after a wait of more than half an hour for the right Alilaguna standing elbow to elbow with a huge crowd on what is best described as a floating, rocking holding pen) we disembark at Zattere, drag the bags over three bridges, no make that four bridges, and come face to fact with our truly lovely palazzetto. It's in on a tiny canal in a very beautiful residential neighborhood, just around the corner from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, etc.

It's now 6 something, we have 7:00 dinner reservations at a place across town which we still have to find on a map and then figure out a route and but first we have paperwork to do - the apt. version of hotel check-in. Keep in mind, please, we have been travelling for about 48 hours.

The apt. is quite large - especially the two bedrooms - very comfortable with an incredibly well-equipped kitchen (Wanda!), good water pressure (very important) and it was easy to instantly feel "here." Yes, I'll post pictures at some point...

Okay...I'm done for now - will be back to you as soon as I can with dinner details from Ristorante Alle Testiere, the rest of the story...and photos.



InkSpot said...

Buon giorno Bonnie and Marcia. Chris here in Napoli. My trip uneventful except the last leg to Napoli where I feared for two hours I was on the wrong train and headed who knows where when it actually stopped at the stop I was hoping for! Having a great time with Jessica and Greg. Went to the Museo Archeologica Nazionale and saw lots of statues, frescoes, mosaics and other items "stolen" from Pompeii to more safe environs in the museum. Driving the Amalfi coast tomorrow and then on to Pompeii on Monday. All you who are reading: don't you wish you were here somewhere? Do plan a trip soon. And get a few Italian phrases under your belt -- it's so helpful!! Ciao for now. Chris

Madge said...

Hi Bonnie and Marcia. I assume this is "our" Marcia from Kahului? You are living my dream, so I'm thrilled to keep up with you via this blog. I visited Naples and Rome and Firenze 2 years ago but not Venice. I am reading a novel called Delicious that takes place in Italy, so I am having an Italian experience that way as well.
I just got back from a week long solo drive through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. What spectacular scenery! And I did great on my own, too, with some book promotion along the way to keep me focused.
I'll check in daily, and thanks for sharing.