Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day on the neighbor islands

A lovely day for a trip to the "neighbor islands" of Torcello and Burano.
Forty-five minutes from the crowds of Venice is Torcello where all that remains are 20 residents, a few restaurants, and Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, the oldest building in the Venetian lagoon, the campanile and a museum. The photo to the left is the basilica's campanile. (Chris climbed it, I assuredly did not!) Peaceful, quiet, filled with history and a treasure trove of archeological finds.

And then to Burano, famous for its lace but for me, the attraction was the story of the vividly colored houses, painted in this particular manner so that fishermen could find their own homes when they returned from the sea. Although a little too "touristy," in general, for my taste, the house facades are, indeed, joyful beyond description. Perhaps the few photos I'm posting at the bottom of the page will give you at least some idea.

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Madge Walls said...

You haven't heard from me lately, but I've been lurking and enjoying. And experiencing that interesting phenomenon that happens when you get engaged - suddenly everybody you see is sporting a big diamond; or when you are pushing a baby carriage, suddenly there are baby carriages everywhere. For me, suddenly everything is about Italy.

My 4th cousin in New Zealand sent me a novel called, Delicious, by one of her relatives. It's all about a family in the countryside near Naples, and of course Italian food.

I am reading a biography of Florence Nightingale, who was born - where else - in Florence.
That's 2 books out of 2!

I decided to go to the movies the other day, and what did I see? Waitress, NOT about Italy but all about food! That counts!

And what was the feature story in the Colorado Springs Gazette several days ago? "Tourist trash gets no amore," all about the restricitons to curb littering and worse in Venice. Are they cramping your style?

And finally, I popped in to visit my friend Nancy in Denver, and what was the first thing out of her mouth? "We need to rent a villa in Italy next summer for a month and invite all our friends to visit!

I knew you and your fans would want to know all this, as they are probably experiencing the same stuff. Brava!!