Monday, June 18, 2007

Domenica e Lunedi comings and goings

Dolce far niente - "the sweet art of doing nothing" is the rough translation and no sooner had Chris used the term than I read it, too, in Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice." So instead of rushing around from early morning 'til night every single day, we're more relaxed. We've been having breakfast and dinner at home - dinner in the palazzetto's lovely garden - now that we're familiar with the neighborhood's markets. I do enjoy cooking very much, especially in a well-equipped, well-stocked kitchen.

We did get back to the Biennale on Sunday - a several-hour journey through the Arsenale with Chris including two nation pavilions right on the grounds I had missed before - Hong Kong and the Republic of Georgia. Both extremely interesting and thought-provoking. And the "performance art" portion of this amazing festival has begun - a "body" floating on an air mattress in the lagoon at the Arsenale surrounded by funereal flowers and funereal music was a tad disconcerting at first and then became just part of the art.

A walk on the Riva in the midst of the madding crowds and then, happily, home to Dorsoduro.

An even later start today and a walk through a new sestiere for us - Castello. "Mask-makers row" displays some astounding creations, and The Helenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice Icon Museum (Chris loves icons!) such a stark contrast to all the contemporary art we've been experiencing. Yet another stop at Harry's Bar - what can I say, we love those Bellinis! - and home again.

Dolce far niente - at least part of the time.

P.S. No matter how I tried to crop and adjust the photo of the three adorable Miami girls we met at Harry's Bar on Saturday, I just couldn't get it right. So I've moved them to the photo gallery and posted a very interesting look at the
Camapile in Piazza San Marco to the left of this entry.


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lesagriff said...

Great blog! It's 7:42 a.m. and I am very hungry for some of that pizza in your photo. And thanks for the links to the NYT coverage. I did a search for "venice biennale" on their site the other day and came up with nada. I skimmed your entries for something on Tracy Emin. Have you seen her stuff? How is it? She's kind of my woman-art-crazy-hero. aloha nui Lesa