Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Little things

We had a thunder/lightning storm earlier this evening - so cool! We couldn't dine outside as we'd planned but the light after the storm passed 'til well after 10:00 p.m. was so beautiful eating indoors was hardly a sacrifice. (Of course, I didn't have my camera - sorry.) A great dinner, by the way, at Narazaria near the Rialto market. More about that tomorrow along with the "day in art."

Here's a nice little story. As much as I love dining out, I love getting a glimpse into the kitchen even more. We had dinner at Alle Testiere again last evening and the desserts were so remarkable, especially the panna cotta, I was sure they must have a pastry chef I'd like to meet. When I asked, the owner laughed and told me the kitchen was too small. The restaurant is tiny - 24 seats and a service bar. I asked if I could see the kitchen. He laughed again and told me to go right ahead. The chef was standing in the doorway, the sous chef was working the cold station. The chef was standing in the doorway 'cause there's barely enough room for two bodies in the kitchen. "The tour," said Chef in broken English with a smile. It cannot be more than 30 or 40 square feet. My friend and excellent chef Joyce Solis always says, "If you can cook, you can cook anywhere on any equipment." Last night, I realized (again) how true that really is. Alle Testiere puts out exceptional food, two full seatings, five nights a week. Great things often emerge from small spaces.

Okay, enough of the cookies - a new photo of a typical little Venetian canal.

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