Thursday, June 28, 2007

More art, more food, more food, more art, more, more, more

Are you so tired of reading about art and food, food and art, food and art, art and food?

I'll be brief - Wanda went to an exhibit of Sargent's landscapes of Venice yesterday morning at Museo Correr (in Piazza San Marco) while I made my way to Ca' Pesaro which houses the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Oriental Art (their term). I loved the modern collection - focus on the turn of the century up to the 1960s/70s, heavy on Venetians with some great work by other European painters and sculptors. Another joyful Calder, a Klimt, a couple of Mattisses, one fantastic Bonnard (a much overlooked impressionist whom I happen to like very much), and a Vedova in a completely different style than the others I've seen here.

The "Oriental"
art is one nobleman's collection and to be frank, it's poorly displayed and there's just too much of it - weaponry, fabrics, ceramics and porcelain, more weaponry - to really be able to take it all in, especially in a reasonable amount of time. I did enjoy the huge assortment of netsuke.

On to food. We had reservations at Naranzaria, a hip little place in the same area as Bancogiro. It was Marcia's last night in Venice and we were so looking forward to dining outside. But there was that thunderstorm I mentioned yesterday but the food was so good and, as I also mentioned, the light after the rain stopped was so magical, inside was okay. Just off the Rialto market is a small campo of very hip restaurants with young chefs/owners reminiscent of NYC's Meatpacking District when IT was first dotted with hip restaurants with young chefs/owners. Fun, very fun.

'Nuff ready...I've got a couple of other things I want to write about which I'll do in separate posts.


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