Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to the Biennale and a little Vivaldi

Back to the Biennale for the rest of the Giardini installations, most notably the Italian Pavilion which is really a full-sized museum. Work by artists from many countries are represented, invited by the host city. The photo to the left is an example of what the Eastern European countries are showing this year. It's title is "Angel." I feel so fortunate to have enough time to visit again and again - it would otherwise be overwhelming. I'm glad, too, that I'll be able to help friends enjoy it, I hope, even more than they would otherwise. Oddly, there were no crowds at all while just a few minutes' walk away, Piazza San Marco was teeming with tourists.
And tonight, for a change of pace and an extraordinary treat, a concert at Chiesa San Vidal, a lovely church just across the Accademia Bridge. The Interpreti Veneziana is a group of eight young men who obviously LOVE what they do. The first half of the concert was "Le Quattro Stagioni" (The Four Seasons) and what better place to hear it than Vivaldi's hometown. These young men played new life into spring, summer, fall and winter. The second half featured works by Corelli and Pergolesi - all glorious.
On to the Biennale's other main venue, the Arsenale, tomorrow. I am most looking forward to the African work.

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