Monday, June 11, 2007

Lights out

So it's 10:30 Friday night and it's time to try out all the adapters and converters and two-pronged round plugs and three-pronged round plugs and surge protectors and, and, and...the computer is working just fine but Marcia notices it's not getting power and the battery is running dangerously low. So we move it to every outlet in the apartment umbilicaled to its expensive Office Max converter/adapter and surge protector and it's still not getting any power and we try each plug/device separately 'til I plug the surge protector into the surge protector in her bedroom and...yep, ALL the lights go out. This palazzetto is centuries old and although the Contessa has walked us through almost every eventuality, blowing a fuse was not among them. Desperately looking for fuse boxes, breaker boxes, emergency power sources all the while praying this blackout didn't affect the piano nobile I finally - somehow - found the breaker box and got the power back on. It was definitely time to GO TO BED.

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