Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The word of the day is ART

I truly do not know where to begin. I spent the day at the Arsenale and was more astounded with every step. Fifty-seven artists are represented in the main exhibit space, then there's the African Pavilion, then there's the Italian Pavilion, then Turkey, then China which is represented by four women artists in one of the most extraordinary installations I've ever seen. Their work is displayed among huge, old, rusted shipping containers and other maritime equipment. I have photos of this - look for them at the bottom of this post.
The theme, appropriately for this former naval space, is war, war and more war. Not all of it, of course, but it is the theme that revealed itself early on. World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East - all front and center. I will have to absorb all of this and then try to put it into words for you as best I can. I think the photos will do a better job of that so you may have to wait 'til I get home and Gill helps me post a gallery for you. For now...look left and to the bottom of this post.
Oh, and did I mention there are still DOZENS (DOZENS) of additional "collateral" installations all over the city?

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saryl said...

thanks for your "reporting" ...kinda nice to see you in a sense come back to your old Journalistic roots... and of course great to feel like i'm there with you.. (sorta kinda... ok, it's a big stretch...but you make it work!)... really appreciate your postings so far... and the links to the other articles and pix ... as love seeing what artists and artworks are being represented... haven't kept up with this in such a long time.... glad to hear about VENEZIA directly from the source! "talk" soon.... much love.... saryl